Hi, I'm Ben Card (MutoShack). I'm a functional programmer from Alberta, Canada.

I write code in Lisp and am very interested in POSIX-like systems, namely GNU. My main computer runs GNU/Linux, but I often use a GNU/Hurd in a virtual machine.

I am currently making an effort to expand the Hurd Wiki on a regular basis. You can find me there under my usual handle: MutoShack

I enjoy writing in Guile and C.

I have a lifetime membership at SDF.org. See my SDF homepage or, if you have a Gopher client, browse my phlog!

Contact Info


I'm a 35mm photographer. I enjoy still-life and street photography and am always learning new tricks in GIMP. Currently I'm thinking of investing in a digital camera.

I play the ocarina and I make an effort to sing regularly. I also listen to music. I'm a fan of 'The Grateful Dead', 'Jukebox the Ghost', 'Queen', and 'David Bowie'

I keep a diary to record day-to-day life and poetic expression.

I study marketing and rhetorical tactics every now and then.

I enjoy kendo, but I never joined a group.

About this website

This is my website, which I use to express thoughts too long to fit in a Mastodon status. I'll write about computer programming most of the time.

This website follows the design philosophy that I describe here.

I may introduce an advertising/sponsoring mechanism to this site, but I don't want slow-as-heck .gif banners or Google adsense. Give me some time to work out a fast & efficient system.

My Goal

I'm a total stdio junkie. I want to keep software small and portable.

Small is not the opposite of user-friendly. I believe small and fast, well-documented programs are way better than a clusterdump of bad animations and so-called "eye candy".

Simply put... I want the world to stop moving backwards.