Left Handed Gaming, and Hype for the Razer Naga Trinity LH Edition!

by Muto — Tue 17 July 2018

The new Razer Naga is getting a left-handed model!

The Razer Naga is one of the world's most popular gaming mice for MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena), MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online), and RTS (Real-Time Strategy) computer games. Razer is known for manufacturing very aesthetic, well marketed hardware and is a sponsor to many professional eSports tournaments.

Recently, Razer released the Naga Trinity, which has 3 different side panels, allowing the gamer to switch between them for comfort in any gaming situation (it's even marketed for FPS (First-Person Shooter) gaming, so if I'll definitely put it to the test!)

As a left handed mouse user, I was pretty bummed out by the fact that they didn't make a left-handed model, but one day I stumbled across a Kickstarter campaign specifying that Razer indeed does want to make a new left-handed Naga Trinity! The campaign is labeled under "All or Nothing", which means that, if Razer decides not to create the mouse, you'll still get your money back. I pledged almost immediately.

Now, I'm not one for spending over $30 (CAD) for a computer mouse, but since Razer is the only company that is still even trying to produce a lefty mouse, I kind of felt obligated to let them know I exist (also I've been working hard and kind of figured I should treat myself to something, that is, if they make it).

I don't have a whole lot to say about this mouse, besides "I really, really want one". This article is basically just me doing my best to shine some light on the subject. I advise anyone reading this to pledge a single dollar to the kickstarter, simply to say "This project is worth my dollar, and worth my attention, and Muto really wants one."

How I play games left handed

Since this entire article is about a left handed mouse, I thought I'd talk a bit about my experience with left handed gaming. I'll give you a short list of my computer peripherals now for those of you who are just somewhat interested, and go into detail about them later, but first, keybindings:

Some left handed gamers are able to play with WASD, while others use the arrow keys. Personally I mirror the WASD convention by using "P, L, Colon, and Quote" (PL;').

When I watch right handed players use WASD, their pinky finger naturally rests on "SHIFT". Either it's just me or there's something about the other side of the keyboard, but my pinky finger rests on "RETURN", so naturally, whenever something is mapped to Shift in a right handed computer game, I remap it to Return (I believe comfort while gaming is extremely important.)

I'll stop here about keybindings. I've been playing "Counter Strike: Global Offensive" recently. I have never played FPS games before but it really is quite fun (not a fan of the "kill people" aspect though). I might end up putting my CS:GO left handed keybindings here later on, but not today (I'm tired and lazy)

Hardware peripherals

Anyway, I guess I'll write a bit about my hardware setup (for some reason people I talk to want me to talk about hardware, so I guess that's the popular thing)

  • Mouse - Razer Diamondback
  • Keyboard - Matias Ergo Pro
  • Mouse pad - Glorious Extended
  • Headphones Razer Kraken Pro
  • Mouse - Razer Diamondback

    I got this mouse on sale for $30 one day. For an ambidextrous mouse it's pretty good and works well, but I find that I often press the buttons on the left side of the mouse with my pinky or ring fingers, which is a bit annoying sometimes. I feel like it's well-made (I had a scrollwheel problem with it some time ago, but it went away on it's own), so it made me change my mind about Razer - they're not *all* cheesy marketing. It's hard to get ergonomics with an ambidextrous mouse, which is why I'm really interested in the LH Naga.

    Keyboard - Matias Ergo Pro

    This keyboard is amazing! It's almost as quiet as a membrane but it's a mechanical switch. The comfort while typing on this thing is just fantastic. I use it for all my work and gaming. It has feet that allow for negative tilt and tenting.

    Mouse pad - Glorious Extended

    I ordered this mouse pad one day and it's very nice. I also got this wrist rest which is also nice

    Headphones - Razer Kraken Pro

    These are the best headphones I have ever used, the only problem is the in-line remote (inline remotes are a breakage point and will wear down any pair of headphones faster). I'm thinking of just cutting the remote off altogether & resoldering the strands, but not until the sound quality is unbearable.

    If you're looking to buy a pair of headphones, I'd honestly direct you towards the HyperX Cloud Alpha. It seems to be built from better materials and the cable is detachable. If I didn't have my Kraken I would take the Cloud Alpha any day.

    That's it for this article. If you want to send me feedback, talk about your gaming setup, or simply give me a "lol k", email me (shack AT muto DOT ca). Other contact methods are available on my homepage. Until next time, take this midnight photo of a lonely plastic rose.

    Drink tea, and play games left-handed. -Muto