Gaming with a Left Handed Setup

July 17, 2018

In memory of 2018's failure that was the Left-handed Naga Trinity campaign, I'd like to talk about left handed gaming in the modern age.

How I play games left handed

Back when computer mice were fairly new, left-handed mouse users weren't extremely uncommon, in fact, just about every mouse was ambidextrous. Fast forward a generation, everyone (even most left handed people) use a computer mice right handed - it's conventional. I'm totally okay with that, but personally I use my mouse left handed due to habit & practical reasons (who wants to reach all the way over their numpad to grab the mouse?)

Specifically for this article, I thought I'd talk a bit about my experience with left handed gaming. I'll give you a list of my computer peripherals later, but first, keybindings:

Some left handed gamers are able to play with WASD, while others use the arrow keys. Personally I mirror the WASD convention by using "P, L, Colon, and Quote" (PL;').

A conventional lefty keybinding many games use is IJKL, probably because it's easier to pronounce than PL;'

When I watch right handed players use WASD, their pinky finger naturally rests on "SHIFT". Either it's just me & my distorted hands or there's something about the other side of the keyboard, but my pinky finger rests on "RETURN", so naturally, whenever something is mapped to Shift in a right handed computer game, I remap it to Return (Video games should be as comfortable as possible, since they really only exist to reduce stress)

I'll stop here about keybindings. I've been playing "Counter Strike: Global Offensive" recently. I have never played FPS games before but it really is quite fun (not a fan of the "kill people" aspect though, but the strategy planning is fun). I might end up putting my CS:GO left handed keybindings here later on, but not today (I'm tired and lazy)

Hardware peripherals

Anyway, I guess I'll write a bit about my hardware setup (for some reason people I talk to want me to talk about hardware, so I guess that's the popular thing)

Some of this stuff is by Razer, but I strongly recommend NOT buying from Razer, as I found their products to be really low in quality and durability. The only thing Razer does right is marketing. And I mean, they really do their marketing right!

  • Mouse - Razer Diamondback
  • Keyboard - Matias Ergo Pro
  • Mouse pad - Glorious Extended
  • Headphones Razer Kraken Pro

  • Mouse - Razer Diamondback

    I got this mouse on sale for $30 one day. For an ambidextrous mouse it's pretty good and works well, but I find that I often press the buttons on the left side of the mouse with my pinky or ring fingers, which is a bit annoying sometimes. I feel like it's not well made. I have this horrible scrollwheel problem where, when I scroll up, it'll jump around and sometimes scroll more down than up. It's hard to get ergonomics with an ambidextrous mouse, which is why I was interested in the LH Naga, even though it is Razer.

    If you're looking for a good ambidextrous mouse, I'd direct you towards the FK1, which I've heard everyone loves.

    Keyboard - Matias Ergo Pro

    This keyboard is amazing! It's almost as quiet as a membrane but it's a mechanical switch. The comfort while typing on this thing is just fantastic. I use it for all my work and gaming. It has feet that allow for negative tilt and tenting.

    Mouse pad - Glorious Extended

    I ordered this mouse pad one day and it's very nice. I also got this wrist rest which is also nice

    Headphones - Razer Kraken Pro

    These are the best headphones I have ever used, the only problem is the in-line remote (inline remotes are a breakage point and will wear down any pair of headphones faster). I'm thinking of just cutting the remote off altogether & resoldering the strands, but not until the sound quality is unbearable.

    If you're looking to buy a pair of headphones, I'd honestly direct you towards the HyperX Cloud Alpha. It seems to be built from better materials and the cable is detachable. If I didn't have my Kraken I would take the Cloud Alpha any day.

    That's it for this article. If you want to send me feedback, talk about your gaming setup, or simply give me a "lol k", email me (shack AT muto DOT ca). Other contact methods are available on my homepage. Until next time, take this midnight photo of a lonely plastic rose.

    That's it for this article. I'm sorry.