muto's shack

Who am I?

A boy who talks to computers

Hi, I'm Muto! I'm a functional computer programmer living in Alberta, Canada.

I write code in Guile and I'm very interested in the GNU system. My main computer runs GNU/Linux but I often use GNU/Hurd in a virtual machine.

My favourite programs are: Emacs, IceCat, GIMP, Godot, and Audacity.

My favourite languages are: Guile, C++, Scala, HTML/CSS, and Ruby.

Contact Information

Email: shack AT muto DOT ca

Wire: @mutoshack

Mastodon: @MutoShack

Reddit: MutoShack

What else do I do?

I'm a 35mm photographer, I especially like photographing plant life and cityscapes.

I play an ocarina and sometimes I sing songs. I also listen to music, I'm a fan of Jukebox the Ghost, Queen, David Bowie, and The Proclaimers.

I write in a diary often. I try to write poetry every day, it helps me to think.

I really enjoy kendo, but I never joined a group.

My goal

My goal in this world is to make software accessible to everyone, and make it easier for end-users to contribute to open source projects. I want to create software that is scalable, intuitive and fast. I want software that doesn't crash. I want software installation to be a breeze for everyone (Thank you, Guix!).

Mathematics is a language used to describe scientific expression. Computer programming is used to express procedures in a similar fashion, but it seems so few people are interested in computer programming as an art or a science, they just want to be rich! How many good things come out of lust? (Not many)

I want software development to be easy, satisfying, powerful. The problem is that we have too many "students" and too few "masters" in the programming world. How many more Electron applications will be developed before someone shows them a better way? How many more JavaScript programmers will spring up "just because it's popular"? How many more GNU distributions will come bundled with their own trivial package manager? Let's leave our desire for profit and fame behind us and start using computers the right way.

Muto - 2018