A boy who talks to computers.

Hi, I'm Muto. I'm a functional programmer from Alberta, Canada.

I write code in Lisp and am very interested in POSIX-complient (or POSIX-familiar) systems, namely GNU. My main computer runs GNU/Linux, but I often use a GNU/Hurd in a virtual machine.

I am currently making an effort to expand the Hurd Wiki on a regular basis. You can find me there under my usual handle: MutoShack

Some of my favourite programs are Emacs, GIMP, Audacity, and MPV

I enjoy writing in Guile, but C++ and Scala are alright, too. (Ruby, JS, & PHP are also okay.)

Contact Info


I was a 35mm photographer until development costs got too high. I enjoy still-life and street photography. Currently I'm thinking of investing in a digital camera.

I play the ocarina and I make an effort to sing regularly. I also listen to music. I'm a fan of 'The Grateful Dead', 'Jukebox the Ghost', 'Queen', and 'David Bowie'

I keep a diary to record day-to-day life and poetic expression.

I study marketing and rhetorical tactics every now and then. The reason I contemplate poetry, aside from the sheer emotional expression, is because it is possibly the purest form of rhetoric, and much more powerful than dry facts.

I enjoy kendo, but I never joined a group.

About this website

This is my website, which I use to express thoughts too long to fit in a Mastodon status. I'll write about computer programming most of the time.

This website follows the design philosophy that I describe here, but for the sake of brevity, here are the key bits:

My Goal

My goal in this world is to make software accessible to everyone, and make it easier for end-users to contribute to open source projects. I want to create software that is scalable, intuitive and fast. I want software that doesn't crash, and doesn't require the user to read a Willy Wonka wall of a EULA just to use it. I want software installation and compilation to be a breeze (Thank you, Guix!).

It seems now that so few people are interested in computer programming as an expressive art or a science. They just want to be rich! How many good things come out of a lust for gold? (Not many.)

I want software development to be easy, satisfying, powerful. Too few people contemplate the "right" way to use a computer. How many more Electron applications will be developed "because it's easy"? How many more JavaScript programmers will spring up "just because it's popular"? How many more GNU distributions, languages, and programs will come bundled with their own trivial package manager? Let's leave our desire for profit and fame behind us and start using computers the right way.